Blind Man's Bluff

Chicago's Vocal Rock Band

David Wilner is the former leader of Blind Man’s Bluff, a professional a cappella quintet known as Chicago’s Vocal Rock Band.  Primarily performing at college venues around the country, David and BMB toured for six years from 1996 through 2002.  Along the way, they recorded 5 CDs, won the 1998 Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes, and were nominated as College Music Artist of the Year by the National Association for Campus Activities.  Most importantly, they earned thousands of loyal and appreciative fans as they introduced their unique style of “rock band without instruments” to the world.

Blind Man’s Bluff went through several membership changes over the years, but the final and most enduring lineup was:

David Anderson
Paul Donnelly
Adam Sears
Eric Skalinder
David Wilner

Blind Man’s Bluff recorded five CDs:

Blind Man's Bluff Shades Blind Man's Bluff Project BMB2K Blind Man's Bluff TCTNH Blind Man's Bluff Jaunce Blind Man's Bluff BMB

1997 – Shades
1999 – Project BMB2K
2000 – The Concert That Never Happened
2001 – Jaunce
2002 – BMB

For more information about Blind Man’s Bluff, please contact David Wilner using this contact form.